Naan v - Fresh bread made in our very own kiln £1.20
Kashkeh Bademjan v - Sautéed aubergine, garlic, walnuts, mint and onions with a trickle of whey £4.50
Mirza Ghasemi v - Chargrilled aubergine, fried onion, garlic and tomato £4.50
Dolmeh v - A selection of stuffed cabbage and vine leaves £3.50
Salad Olivieh - Potato salad mixed with diced chicken, eggs, gherkins and olive oil £3.50
Homemade Chicken Soup £4.00
Asheh Reshteh v - A delicious hearty broth with beans, herbs, vegetables and noodles £4.00
Borani v - A blend of spinach and strained natural yogurt £3.50
Must-o-Moosir v - Yogurt and shallot dip £3.50
Must-o-Khiar v - Yogurt and cucumber dip £3.50
Kookoo Sabzi v - Fluffy Persian Frittata filled with eggs, barberries, walnuts and herbs £4.00
Sabzi Khordan v - A selection of fresh herbs, radish and walnuts accompanied with feta cheese £4.50
Olives & Gherkins v £3.50
Torshi v - Pickled vegetables chopped or in chunks £3.50
Grilled chicken wings - Four slow grilled chicken wings £3.50


Anar v - Finely chopped lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber mixed with walnuts and Feta cheese £6.00
Shirazi v - Neatly diced cucumber, tomato and red onion mixed with herbs in a tangy lemon dressing £3.50
Mixed v - Sliced tomato, cucumbers and red onions with lettuce tossed with Olive Oil £3.50


*** The following dishes are served with steamed rice with a touch of saffron ***  
Koobideh - Two skewers of juicy minced lamb served with grilled tomato £7.50
Joojeh-ba-Ostokhan - A skewer of spring chicken on the bone marinated to perfection in saffron £9.50
Joojeh-bi-Ostokhan - A skewer of succulent chicken fillet marinated in saffron £9.00
Bakhtiari - A whole spring chicken marinated in saffron and grilled gently for a more tender flavour £9.00
Shish - A mixed skewer of diced prime lamb fillet with green pepper and onion served with grilled tomato £11.50
Mahi - A whole Seabass / salmon fillet grilled or pan fried to perfection £12.00
Barg - A skewer of tenderly marinated lamb served with grilled tomato £12.00
Chenjeh - Two skewers of diced prime lamb fillet served with grilled tomato £12.00
Soltani - A skewer of Barg and Koobideh served with grilled tomato £14.00
Makhsos - A skewer of boneless chicken and koobideh served with grilled tomato £12.00
Ghafghazi -A mixed skewer of diced lamb fillet and succulent chicken fillet served with grilled tomato £12.00
Sini - A skewer of Joojeh-bi-Ostokhan, a choice of Chenjeh or Barg and two skewers of Koobideh served with grilled tomato £28.00
Extra grilled tomato or onion £1.50
Extra rice £2.50


*** All Khoresht dishes are served with steamed rice with a touch of saffron ***  
Ghormesabzi - An aromatic lamb and herb infused stew £9.50
Gheimeh - A delicious diced-lamb, yellow split pea and tomato stew garnished with fried potatoes £9.50
Khoreshte Bademjan - A perfect marriage of aubergine and lamb, stewed gently with tomato £9.50
Khoreshte Bademjan (available as v ) - A perfect marriage of aubergine, stewed gently with tomato £9.50
Bamieh (available as v ) - A flavoursome lamb, okra and tomato stew £9.50
&Fesenjan - Hand-shredded poussin slow cooked with crushed walnuts and infused with pomegranate puree £11.00



Monday - Zereshk Polo-ba-Morgh

A colourful rice dish bursting with flavour and aroma, jewelled with barberries and saffron accompanied by braised chicken £10.00

Tuesday - Loobia Polo

A perfect conbination of lamb and rice-slow cooked lamb in tomato sauce, green beans and Persian spices £10.50

Wednesday - Dolmeh Bademjan Va Felfel

A tasty aubergine and bell pepper dish, stuffed with ground lamb, rice, split peas and herbs £10.50

Thursday - Khoreshteh Karafs

A celery lovers delight - This stew combines lamb, celery and herbs to make a delightful dish (served with rice) £10.00

Friday – Sabzi Polo ba Mahi

This fragrant herbed rice incorporates fried fish with parsley and coriander to create a delicious flavour £12.50

Saturday - Baghali Polo-ba-Mahicheh

A favourite amongst Persians - This fusion of dill, broad beans and rice is served with a succulent lamb shank £11.50

Sunday - Abgoosht

A rich lamb stew with chick peas, navy beans, potatoes and flavoured with dried limes £9.50


Pomegranate Jelly - A delicious fusion of textures and tastes £5.00
Shirini - A selection of delicious Persian biscuits £4.50
Ice Cream - A rich and creamy saffron flavoured ice cream £4.00
Faloodeh - A Persian sorbet - Frozen thin starch noodles combined with rose water and lime juice; £4.00


Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Orangina £1.90
Dough - A refreshing yogurt drink with dried mint £4.50
Pomegranate Juice £2.50
Cherry Juice £2.50
Still/Sparkling - 350ml £1.90
Still/Sparkling - 750ml £3.50

Please be aware that some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts.


Delivery available all day during our opening hours